Municipal And Industrial Waste


Our Technology Produces Adaptive Exo-Enzymes to Overcome Slow Bacteria Growth Rates.

  • Enhance Hydrolysis
  • Improve Nitrification / Denitrification
  • Eliminate Odor
  • Reduce Sludge
  • Improve Effluent Water Quality
  • Increase Fertilizer Value
  • Reduce Long-Term Maintenance Costs
  • Provide Net Operating Savings without Capital Investment

Two Application Methods to Increase Exo-Enzyme Availability.

Deliver BPL ACF to WW Systems via Ready-to-Use products

  • Provides huge numbers of the needed species (exo-enzyme producing bacteria) to improve system performance

Using our aerated mixing tanks (bioreactors) to grow bacteria on-site

  • Using a simple BioReactor, grow the needed bacteria to an optimal stage of growth, produce large volumes of bacteria, and enhance the enzyme production for immediate introduction into the treated system
  • Our aerated mix tanks (bioreactors) are simple, easy to use and require no special training
  • Our aerated mix tanks, combined with BPL ACF Bacteria and
    Nutrient Activators, provide results at a very affordable price

Aerated Mixing Tanks

  • Scalable from 55-gallon brew tanks to thousands of gallons depending on the size of the facility
  • Requires water, temperature controlled to 27°C,
    with aeration
  • A blend specific to each application, of BPL ACF Bacteria and Nutrients are diluted in the brew tanks along with non-chlorinated water
  • Aerated for 24 to 72 hours, based on type of application before dosing to treatment system